Young minds are abundant volumes of creative energy with massive strength but absolutely scattered as though in Brownian motion. Young minds are also very easily impressionable. In a constructive and motivating environment, a young mind can be moulded towards a positive direction and their energy channelized consciously to that advantage. Like a sapling which adapts itself to grow towards the direction of light. At Radical IIT & Medical we mould young minds like saplings towards the direction of greater knowledge and academic success, nurturing and encouraging their growth with nutrition and support in the form of visionary experience from an expert panel of faculty.

At Radical IIT & Medical, we have an IEED trigger for every individual student to bring out the best in them in their personal capabilities and strengths respectively. With Innovative teaching techniques aided by Energetic subject matter experts in an Encouraging and Devoted environment, we trigger students to become passionate and hardworking which is reflective in their attitude and actions. Like a sapling that gradually grows into a bountiful fruit bearing tree, a student grows exponentially after completing their course at our esteemed institution. Radical IIT & Medical's unconditional commitment towards this cause has created us a reputation for spotting raw talent and nurturing and polishing them into priceless gems that will adorn the crown of tomorrow's India. Our student centred faculty are extremely professional yet approachable and are backed by several years of experience in teaching and producing great results. With proven results in achieving high ranks in competitive exams by our student candidates consistently for years at a stretch, it is a silent witness that bears testimony to our ever growing popularity as a major stalwart in our sphere of work. At Radical IIT & Medical, students are our assets and their performance and results our publicity. We do not just train students for cracking competitive exams but equip them with ability to find solutions in all walks of life.


For all people to reach their self actualized potential so that they can live a purposeful and successful future.


To provide coaching to all deserving student of Vidarbha that inspires and guides, Motivate a passionate student for their successful life. We do through heart centered personnel engagement and professional approach.

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