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Radical IIT & Medical has been a success story because of these stalwarts.

The most essential traits required in a leader are the skills to communicate with the people and motivate them. Being at the top of an academic institution these trait not only enthuses the working members in the taskforce but also imbibes inspiration in the students. The achievements, the way of life, the journey and the image, everything about the leader is ideal and students look up to that person with the aspiration to become successful and above all, become a good human being.

The top brass of Radical IIT & Medical are also such idolatry figures. Their joint effort to offer fruitful scholastic assistance to every student and help them discover their true potential is an exemplary feat. These stalwarts believe that every student has the potential to become a good engineer or a good doctor if provided with some effective & astute education guidance. This notion gave birth to Radical IIT & Medical initiative. The brilliant management system set up by these directors, helped Radical raise the bar for the auxiliary scholastic intuitions in the domain of school, colleges & professional education. The focus of the whole system is to provide the best academic aid to every student through proficient utilization of education, coaching & training procedures, consultancy, quality information, logistic network, resources, equipment, property and human resource.

The cornerstones of Radical IIT & Medical institute are Ashish Gautam and Amol Shegokare. All of them are visionary and accomplished individuals in their own sectors and all of them share the same & unified dream of raising the educational level of the country. Apart from helming the management of Radical quite efficiently they also teach the students on their respective specialized subjects.

Ashish Gautam

B.Tech Aerospace Engg IIT Kanpur

  • Secured AIR 165 IIT-JEE Advanced in the year 2006.
  • Secured AIR 127 in GATE 2010.
  • Determined Mathematician and teacher par excellence with an experience of 8 years.
  • Taught at reputed Institutes in Kota and Mumbai.
  • Worked as Research Associate in DRDL Hyderabad.
  • 3 Years of Administrative Experience in Education Industry.
  • Produced many IITians and NITians.

Amol Shegokar

B. Tech. (Gold Medalist) M.Tech Chem. Engg. IIT Delhi

  • Gold Medalist in Engineering.
  • Secured AIR 121 in GATE 2012.
  • Being an Academician he enjoys 12 years’ experience as a core teacher of Chemistry.
  • Taught at reputed Institutes in Delhi and Mumbai.
  • 2 years of Industrial Experience at Managerial level.
  • Produced many IITians and Doctors till date.
  • And Interestingly, Chemistry start with his name “A Mol”.

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